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C123S105L (
Fri, 13 Mar 1998 11:12:56 EST

yes it's true that TITLE IX excludes textbooks and although the reasons are
understandable the fact remains that there is a BIG problem because the
textbooks are not just biased but almost altogehter EXCLUDE women, and
curriculum is the CENTRAL CORE of children's education. So it is a problem
that we have here that TEACHES children to DISCRIMINATE and have gender biased
attitudes regarding women or other groups based on what is being taught in
text-book curriculum. We all know that the ''so called encouragement'' that
teachers have been given ''to add and be inclusive in their curriculums'' is
not being put into practice
by most teachers. There is great recentment and utter contempt by some
that we have approached regarding adding women to their ''lists''. Now if we
stand outside the context of the writen word'' in the textbooks and
instructional materials
and we see that the teachers continues a pattern of refusal to be inclusive,
or non-biased'' because she/he refuses to teach more fairly ...they say we
have NOT
discrimination but BIAS....where does one end and the other START ? I say they
are one and the same... I SAY THAT because that is what it comes down to, I
don't care how many legal and non-legal definitions you give it.!!!!!!!!!

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