Re: Legality of single-sex education

Linda Purrington (
Fri, 13 Mar 1998 08:17:29 -0800

And what is your position on the single-sex school issue, Tim, since you
are bellwether for gender equity in the Petaluma area after the two big
Petaluma sex discrimination cases? TIXA
Linda Purrington <>


Tim Flinders wrote:
> The California single-sex academies are public schools governed and
> operated by their respective school districts using $500,000 grants from
> the State of California, the funding being divided equally between the
> all-male and all-female schools. In fact, the academy in Stocton consists
> simply of a few portable buildings housed on an already existing regular
> (mixed gender) school site.
> Tim Flinders
> Old Adobe USD
> Petaluma, CA
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