Re: Title IX and Title VII -Reply

Fri, 13 Mar 1998 10:54:31 -0600

Nope, I'm not a lawyer. Have worked w/ gender equity and Title IX in a
paid capacity since 1979, though, as the Gender Equity Project Director
for the Nebraska Dept/Ed. Due to a total cut in the fed dollars funding my
position, I'm now only 30% Gender Equity. Someone asked me once
which part of me is the 30% and I said, "My heart." Enuf said... :-)


>>> C123S105L <> 03/10/98 11:01pm >>>

Peggy and Linda: are you two lawyers??Iam learning a great deal ever
sinse I posed the question regarding what constituted ''discrimination'' If
anyone can ''atach'' TITLE IX to strenghten it DO IT. Congress-people do it
all the time. That's how they pass dirty laws'' that would't have a chance
otherwise ''riding'' something is called


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