Re: Excellent points

C123S105L (
Fri, 13 Mar 1998 14:34:40 EST

Thanks for adding a great dimension of how when you leave women's
and achievements out of textbooksm and instructional materials you are not
hurting girls but are also hurting and miseducating boys as well. For some of
us that
is a rather simple EQUATION but to most people that conclusion is totally
incompre-hensible. We went to our PTA meeting to speak on educational equity
and we were
accused by a member of the BOE of resorting to threats because we, very
at the end of the presentation said we were proud that we now had a TITLE IX
ccordinator. But one of the strong points we made that night and tried to
enlighten these people about was that excluding women is detrimental to boys's
education as well. You said it well..if only other could understand it
Lesemann <>

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