Re: Re: "feminist pedagogy"

JenPiazza (
Sat, 14 Mar 1998 16:34:21 EST


Apology accepted and I understand the misunderstanding. My stance is that
what some people blah, blah blah is the notion of feminist pedagogy when in
actuality, my experiences with feminist pedagogy are that this type of
instructional practice is inclusive practice. I am a strong supporter of this
pedagogy because it includes my son and many others who learn differently. I
agree that we have lost more women than men to these content areas. I am just
sorry when we lose anyone, male or female and we are about to lose my son. We
are about to lose him in education altogether. But it is not just him. This
is a problem we have had for years and if we could promote more appropriate
classroom pedagogy, I think we would lose less children, female and male.
This is my concern and my fight. I hope that while we continue to fight
legally for female rights, we do so because it is good for females, but also
we do it because it is better for females and males. Does this explain my
position more accurately?

Jenny A. Piazza

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