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Marty Henry (
Mon, 16 Mar 98 09:52:29 -0700

Would wish the person was a plant! We could readily uproot it! I have
just read her latest book and it is really wonderful. However, I think
this just shows how we must be very careful to walk the walk. If we
don't know first hand about something, we must be very careful to
collect our data before making definitive statements.

This brings me back to the AAUW publication. I'm still trying to get
in to order it!!! Help!

Marty <>

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Subject: Re: Re[2]: what constituted discrimination? -Reply -Reply
Author: <> at Internet-Mail
Date: 3/13/98 10:53 AM

Astonishing....She should come to New York and visit the very ''wealthy'' very
chic schools where the chidren oF HIGHLY educated parents go. She should also
come to visit my daughter's school here also in Long Island ..take two steps,
around and ''know'' inmediatly that hose schools do not belong to the female
students. Open my daughter's 5th grade social studies book and notice that out
587 pages only ten mention women and two of those ''as wifes of presidents''
To have someone like this person advocating equity'' is a Big problem in terms
the fact that this poor person does not know what she/he is talking about.
Maybe she is a plant !!!( IAM KIDDING)


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