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I'm forwarding this request from David Sadker, who's looking for quick and
easy contributions to the next edition of his book. Feeling funny lately?
This is for you. Jo

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Date: Mon, 16 Mar 1998 11:06:46 EST
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Subject: Now you create the one liner

Here is a creative e-mail request.=20
I am pulling together pieces for the 5th edition of my textbook,
Teachers, Schools and Society, and want to put in some humorous inserts abo=
schools and teachers and students. Phyllis is helping as well, and has put
together the following idea as a way to get funny one liners. Have any good
oneliners? Be creative. This is NOT a read a joke - this is a create a joke=
Feel free to contribute any to these topics below. And email back.=20
All entries become the property of me and Phyllis. If you want them ba=
speak to our lawyers.
Winners will be notified. Eventually.
Have fun! And THANKS for your help.

Feeling a little clever?
Really =93feel=94 like a teacher? School is your home base? Faculty are the=
of your social contacts? Wander malls looking for educational supply stores=
Then, help us out with providing the best of what you know...that will fini=
the following phrases:

You know you=92re a teacher/administrator when...
you stand on the front porch instructing neighborhood children to =93Walk.=
you give your spouse (date, partner, friend) =93the look=94 when they misbe=
a flu epidemic makes your class size reasonable.
You know you=92re at school when...
your second language is middle schoolease.
you think eating a meal must happen in 28 minutes.
meeting a child=92s parent(s) answers the question, =93Why is this kid like=
You know you=92re in education when...
you see holidays as the easiest time to be sick.
others say, =93It must be nice to only work 8-3 and have summers off.=94
you give a parent (of a problem student) a book on home schooling.

Feel free to cover the following topics: students, school life, technology,
diversity, curriculum, equal opportunity, social problems, at risk youth,
educational history, governance, finance, philosophy, law...

Send your suggestions to David Sadker: 8608 Carlynn Drive, Bethesda, MD 208=
(email? for possible inclusion in the 5th edition of
Teachers, Schools and Society.=20

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