Kinds of Discrimination

Robert Weverka (
Mon, 16 Mar 1998 16:45:14 -0700

Ellen Spertus, now professor Spertus of Mills College, wrote this paper while
she was studying at MIT. This paper on discrimination against women in her
field explores a number of ways the field is discriminatory. I thought it
would be of interest to this group.

AI lab Technical Report 1315, August 1991, 112 pages, available online in
hypertext and in Postscript.
Why Are There So Few Female Computer Scientists?

In reading this paper last year, I noticed many parallels to the kinds of
discrimination that keeps men out of teaching primary schools. I wrote to
professor Spertus on this and she agreed that many of the same factors are at
play there too.

With the recent exchange on "Curriculum Bias" versus "Discrimination" I
thought there might be interest in these other aspects of Discrimination which
professor Spertus writes about so well.

-Robert Weverka <>

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