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Linda Purrington (
Mon, 16 Mar 1998 21:31:45 -0800

Also within the home--my experience is that there may be Internet access
within the home, but women and girls in particular are excluded by
chores, etc. from using it to full advantage. Girls that must do the
dishes while boys surf the Net; wives taking care of second jobs, while
Dad works on the computer. How are educational equity specialists
addressing this home--school problem? LP
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C123S105L wrote:
> I am not a teacher but I am a mother and therefore consider myself a full time
> educator. My ten year old daughter uses the INTERNET extensively for almost
> all her school projects. It is an OPEN classroom and the information is
> limetless.
> I have noticed that a few of her classmates do not have access to the INTERNET
> and there is a disadvantage to that this day and age because many teachers are
> asking for information that would otherwise be difficult to obtain. I believe
> that a great deal of children coming from disadvantaged socio-economic areas
> do not have a great deal of access to the INTERNET.
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