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Linda Purrington (
Wed, 18 Mar 1998 10:07:09 -0800

Hey, totally. My kid played ice hockey this last season, and she got to
talk about Title IX in Women Sports Foundation's kids' magazine a
little while ago; I'm sure she'd sign on too. I'll tell her about it.
Let us know what you'd like; and call WSF, too:
Linda Purrington, Title IX <>

_______________________________________________________ wrote:
> Glad to read your post. I am working with parents in Michigan to
> make girls' ice hockey a varsity sport there. We are trying to drum up
> moral support from groups so that the state high school athletic
> association takes our case seriously. MHSAA has been very anti-Title
> IX. Anyone out there want to sign off on a press release favoring
> gender equity in Michigan, including girls' ice hockey and revamping
> seasons so that the girls play in the normal season? Kristen Galles,
> Equity Legal.
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> Sheeran176 wrote:
> >
> > The show will be aired on the WAMC network on Thursday, March 19 at 8 pm The
> > show will be re-broadcast on Wednesday, March 25 at 3 pm in the WAMC
> > area.
> >
> > Other parts of NYstate/nation U.S will have to first see if 51% is covered
> > their
> > local NPR affiliate and then what day and time it will be broadcast.
> >
> > Mitzi Witchger is a national recognized advocate for girls' ice hockey and
> > Title IX. She is helping the effort in NYS to bring girls ice hockey to the
> > Empire State Games AND to some of the 90+ public school districts that all
> > ready offer boys ice hockey.
> >
> > How is your local school district doing? Do girls have an opportunity for a
> > contact sport? They should if your school has boys' football. Do the
> > cheerleader, a support activity, cheer at both the boys'and girls sport's
> > event? How about home coming, are both male and female teams honored.
> >
> > Mitzi is a real dynamo for equity. Listen to the program and you may
> > that you can be doing some advocacy in your own school district. That's the
> > GOAL.
> >
> > Jane Sheeran
> > NYS AAUW Director Ed/Equity
> >

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