Re: girls and technology

Linda Purrington (
Wed, 18 Mar 1998 16:55:57 -0800

There's a 1994? article somewhere called "Everyone Works Hard but
Johnny," with some nice stats on how girls put in about 11 hours a week,
but their brother put in about 20 minutes. Ran into it doing a huge
sociology reference list recently. Sorry, don't have the author. That
might be the tech-at-home barrier to education equity, too. LP
Linda Purrington <>

Sheeran176 wrote:
> Had to chuckle on household chores. Takes me back to my childhood, 50's 60's.
> Do the majority of young households still suffer from gender domain? I'm
> serious. I'v lived by division of labor so long I thought that's how it
> worked for today's young families.
> Jane Sheeran

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