Title IX gathers momentum

Linda Purrington (lpurring@earthlink.net)
Thu, 19 Mar 1998 13:11:02 -0800

Thanks, Robert; The article you refer to is biased as all get out, but
the general information is accurate. Let's be clear: I support
affirmative action for women, as wellas for minorities, because white
men have always had it; whenever there are scarce resources, there will
be competition for them, and it is not fair for men to get the first
shot at all the good jobs. We have been asking the OCR (headed by Norma
Cantu) for years to begin taking federal funds away from noncomplying
schools and send continued noncompliance cases to the Department of
Justice. And yes, it's high time Title IX was used for more than
sports; and just to be clear, I do indeed feel men should head into the
domestic arts as fast as possible. Women who are admitted into better
paying jobs are not going to be weeping over the loss of semislave jobs
to men. Linda Purrington, Title IX Advocates <lpurring@earthlink.net>

Robert Weverka wrote:
> Dear Linda,
> I thought you might be interested in this.
> http://www.iwf.org/article.cfm?ID=159&TO=0
> It is an anti-Title IX article, so you might want to skip the editorializing
> that the author does, but it also has some interesting information about the
> Clinton Administration's efforts to broaden the application of Title IX beyond
> sports in our colleges.
> The author claims that the gender equity enforcement in sports scholarships
> may be opened up to include efforts by the justice dept. to enforce gender
> equity accross the board in all parts of education.
> Just a heads up,
> Please let me know if you find anything further on this topic.
> -Robert Weverka <weverka@optivision.com>

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