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Thu, 19 Mar 1998 18:30:55 EST

lINDA: tODAY MARCH 19 my daughter came home with another all male list of
composers !!!!!that is after the incident of the previous list with the same
music teacher, after this teacher had two conferences with the principal and
after the
assistant superintendent (also TITLE IX coordinator stepped in) I asked Ingrid
if she would be willing to go to the teacher and tell her in her own words
that she does not think this is fair because she knows there are women
composers and will she please assign her one to to work on. Then I began to
think that perhaps that is no fair
for me to ask that Ingrid begin to do at this age. So Iam wondering two
things. First is how you would handle it and the second thing is that we (you
and I ) seem to be in total agreement regarding how we think TITLE IX must be
used for changes in ALL
male oriented curriculums and Iam wondering if you yourself as a parent have
this challenge at any legal level yet? We are going to ask to see this teacher
person now. You can answer me privately if you prefer.
Lesemann <>

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