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Linda Purrington (
Thu, 19 Mar 1998 21:48:53 -0800

I do not think that it qualifies as a sexist joke; please look at
domestic violence in high schools, as an example. Domestic violence in
the schools results in murder. At least 95 percent of all rapes are
committed by men, many against other men. These statistics do have some
reflection in the reality of our training for children. Perhaps I should
not have made a joke--because it is so frightening, not because it is
sexist. But it is true we have three human reactions before us: fight,
flight, and humor. I do some of each. Linda Purrington <>

Cary Brown wrote:
> Linda Purrington wrote:
> > involve sex). The idea is to kick out the aggressors. Of course, this
> > may leave you with a single-sex school :)
> I know this is meant as a joke, but sexist jokes are sexist jokes,
> and - call me hypersensitive - I don't think this is an appropriate
> place for sexism.
> Cary
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