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The resolution is hanging on the meaning of "equality," on how it's defined.
Often the definition is based on a certain ideology or interest or set of
assumptions that IF accepted turn the statement into a self-fulfilling prophecy
but if questioned make it crumble. For a very simple example: should woman x
be hired by UPS to load trucks which will later on make her eligible for a
higher paying job in the company like delivery driver? Many would say "no"
because women, not having the SAME weight as men, can't lift the required weight
and anyway shouldn't lift that much weight because it could damage her
childbearing capacity and anyway women aren't supposed to do that kind of work
and so on. That answer focuses on the binary opposition same/different. If
you turn your focus to "equality" you can posit "equal opportunity". What if we
afford the female applicant the same opportunity as a male applicant to prove
herself on the job? This in fact is how many professions and careers opened up
to women. Good luck! (Jacquelyn Zimmerman)
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Subject: Gender EqUALity!
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Date: 3/19/98 9:52 PM

I am debating in Budapest on tomorrow for the European highschool =
championships and need advice the topic is "Resolved: That gender =
difference makes equality impossible" We must be prepared to debate BOTH =
sides pf the argument!

Any comments or advice? I am obviously aware that gender equality does =
not exist at the moment, so rather than prove this, it is more of a =
philosophical debate about the possible or impossible. It's possible =
that the earth might fall out of orbit and fly off into another solar =
system,but what is the likelihood! See what I'm getting at?

So any info on either side of the argument would be GREATLY appreciated =



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