Teasing and Bullying Workshop Corrections

SSmith (SSmith@edc.org)
Fri, 20 Mar 1998 13:33:06 -0500

Two corrections to the recent announcement about the 1998 Teasing and Bullying
Workshops offered by the Wellesley Center for Research on Women.

1. The tuition for EACH session is $150 (which includes lunch and materials).
The cost was quoted as $150 for all sessions.

2. Nan Stein is a co-author of "Bullyproof: A Teacher's Guide on Teasing and
Bullying for use with 5th Grade Students." Nancy Mullin-Rindler is the manager
of the "Bullyproof" project. She was incorrectly referred to as co-author of
the curriculum.

Apologies for the errors.

Susan J. Smith

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