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Linda Purrington (
Mon, 23 Mar 1998 17:31:09 -0800

Hey, whatever works. It's my impression that people learn more happily
when candy is strewn around. Halloween: how about going as a playing
card, with Title IX written on it? Relevant text on the back?
footnotes? Pierrot? Walk softly and carry a big stack of leaflets? Call
the press, hand out leaflets. Actually, you can adapt this basic notion
for any holiday. LP
Linda Purrington <>

C123S105L wrote:
> Dear Linda: Great idea concerning the web site. IHow should it be done? Linda,
> the idea of dressing up for Halloween is great. But tell me how should a
> person ''dress''
> as TITLE IX..???what should the custom be...what color/ how should one look
> ???
> what face to put on ??crazed, sad ? angry? despondent? Linda are you sure you
> rather not be in Hollywood ? entretainment ? acting coach?
> Lesemann <>

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