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Interesting article at the following site:

Although the population (women with MBA degrees) is a little different
from the profile of this list, many of the experiences are similar.
take, for instance, Lillian Lincoln, who in 1969 became the first black
woman to receive an MBA from Harvard and now owns a building services firm that
had $60 million in revenue last year and employs 900.

In her years inside a corporation, Lincoln said, she learned "women need
to fight for air time" or risk being ignored in meetings dominated
by men.
"As a woman, you can come up with suggestions, but it gets no credence
until a man suggests it - and then it's a great idea."

Another interesting snippet from a related article (the Post is doing a series,
and you can click from one article to the next), addresses people's conflicted
feelings about mothers who are employed outside the home. One routinely hears,
in some quarters, the opinion that "working moms" are selfishly pursuing
goods -- that the families would be better off with a smaller income and a stay-
at-home mom. However,

In about one in five dual-income households, the survey found, the wife
makes more money than the husband. But in follow-up interviews, many
people said accepting a family's smaller income by having a husband
stay home was not a socially acceptable option for them.

Don't know how long the Post maintains past articles, so you might want to
check these out soon.

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