Re: need help reconstructing files

JPotter (
Wed, 25 Mar 1998 15:31:17 -0500

Here are a couple of ways to access past email messages to the discussion list.

The WEEA web site displays all recent EDEQUITY messages (dating from April
1996). You can sort the messages by date, thread, or author (Linda, you could
view & print, or copy text electronically, all the messages you have sent by
using the "by author" sort). Anyone can access these messages on the web site,
and newcomers to the list are encouraged to review the past discussions for
resources and information.

Messages to the list are also compiled into periodic digests, which are archived
in the system at EDC. Subscribers can request past copies of the EDEQUITY digest
from the list management software at EDC (Majordomo). This retrieval is a two-
step process:

First, request the index of digests, including dates and file names:
Send a message to <>. Leave the subject line blank. In
the message body write: index edequity-digest

You will receive a list of the digests by date. Following the date is the digest
title or file name (example: v01.n094), which you will need to request it.

Second, to request a specific digest, send another message (with the subject
line blank) to <>. In the message body write the
following, using the appropriate file name: get edequity-digest v01.n094

Each digest includes a table of contents (the subject lines from the messages).
The original messages follow, and include the author's email address.

I hope this helps,
Julia Potter <>
Managing Editor
WEEA Equity Resource Center at EDC
Subject: need help reconstructing files
Date: 3/21/98 3:23 PM

Hi, folks: all my email files were just trashed; if you have copies of
stuff I sent, could you take a moment and send me a copy? I'd be very
grateful! Linda <>

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