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Friday, March 27, 10:00 p.m.

Each year in the United States, two million men beat their partners,
and more than half a million women report being raped or sexually
assaulted. NO SAFE PLACE: VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN goes behind the
headlines and the grim statistics to explore the origins of violence
against women. The one-hour documentary tells the moving stories of
women who have been battered, assaulted and raped, as well as the
stories of men who commit these crimes. Also featured are interviews
with nationally recognized experts who look at causes and solutions.

The award-winning film stresses that while women may be afraid of
getting assaulted by strangers, the ones most likely to hurt them are
the ones they know best - a husband, a lover, or a boyfriend. NO SAFE
PLACE offers a thoughtful examination of the origins of violence
against women, looking at biological, sociological, cultural and
historical factors involved. The program includes interviews with
feminists such as writer Gloria Steinem and Patricia Ireland, director
of the National Organization of Women, who argue that violence against
women has been allowed and accepted throughout history. Interviews
with perpetrators give insights into why individual men hurt
women. Michael Kimmel, professor of men's studies at the State
University of New York, author Robert Bly, and Denise Brown, sister of
the late Nicole Brown Simpson, are among those discussing possible
solutions. (1 hour)

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