Re: non-traditional males (NOT)

C123S105L (
Wed, 25 Mar 1998 20:54:23 EST

The statement that Mr. Flinders makes regarding that ''he looks to the day
teaching will release boys stereotypes so that becoming a man will not longer
requires thay we set aside so much of our humanity'' goes to the core of a
humanistic concern and it is well taken. He is in fact correct. When
stereotyping is
taught in our schools and male oriented education is a dogmatic process there
no ''freedom'' here for either gender. It misses the point to suggest that he
look to the entire ''human history'' because it tell how ''to raise boys''.
The history
of ''humanity'' as it is writen is hardly a guideline or reflection of true
events. past
or present. Boys/men who are sensitive, and intelligent have all the right to
that in the process of becoming men they have been required to ''loose some of
humanity''. I hope that we as women can help them regain some of it.


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