thanks for help reconstructing files

Linda Purrington (
Thu, 26 Mar 1998 10:54:26 -0800

Thank you so much. I'm afraid my ignorance has been a bother to people;
I learned a lot in the process and now stand in even more awe of
listservs as archives available for research! Thanks and sorry for the
inconvenience! Linda Purrington, Title IX Advocates <>

JPotter wrote:
> Hi,
> Here are a couple of ways to access past email messages to the discussion
> WWW-
> The WEEA web site displays all recent EDEQUITY messages (dating from April
> 1996). You can sort the messages by date, thread, or author (Linda, you could
> view & print, or copy text electronically, all the messages you have sent by
> using the "by author" sort). Anyone can access these messages on the web site,
> and newcomers to the list are encouraged to review the past discussions for
> resources and information.
> Digests-
> Messages to the list are also compiled into periodic digests, which are
> in the system at EDC. Subscribers can request past copies of the EDEQUITY
> from the list management software at EDC (Majordomo). This retrieval is a two-
> step process:
> First, request the index of digests, including dates and file names:
> Send a message to <>. Leave the subject line blank. In
> the message body write: index edequity-digest
> You will receive a list of the digests by date. Following the date is the
> title or file name (example: v01.n094), which you will need to request it.
> Second, to request a specific digest, send another message (with the subject
> line blank) to <>. In the message body write the
> following, using the appropriate file name: get edequity-digest v01.n094
> Each digest includes a table of contents (the subject lines from the
> The original messages follow, and include the author's email address.
> I hope this helps,
> Julia Potter <>
> Managing Editor
> WEEA Equity Resource Center at EDC
> ______________________________________________________________________________
> Subject: need help reconstructing files
> Date: 3/21/98 3:23 PM
> Hi, folks: all my email files were just trashed; if you have copies of
> stuff I sent, could you take a moment and send me a copy? I'd be very
> grateful! Linda <>

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