Re: non-traditional males

C123S105L (
Thu, 26 Mar 1998 14:33:59 EST

Iam sure that the people in the list will be very happy that you will be
joining in
for discussion. Thanks to EDEQUITY'' for providing some of us with such
valuable plataform.I think that a lot of us are feeling that the Arkansas
tragedy is a kind
of personal loss and it is horrible that the violence we see is fomented and
pro-moted by the same people we are trusting our children with. We have been
speaking for this
issue of educational inequity and saying that the harm is done to both genders
This violence can and should be prevented and we as parents must force school
administrators to stop the sexism, the prejudism, because I don't think this
will be the last instance of this inhuman aggression against our daughters.


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