Montreal, Kileen, Happy Land, Kenyan school girls, etc.

marie De Santis (
Thu, 26 Mar 1998 13:29:49 PST


We're trying to put together a list of massacres within the last decade
that targeted girls and women for a demonstration we're having on Monday
under the banner "SEXISM KILLS GIRLS". Please help add to this list if
you can. We need a paragraph on each event.

If we work together on this, I think we'll end up with something that
will be useful to everyone who's trying to educate their community on
what just happened in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

In addition to the events listed in the subject section above, there is
the recent massacre of women and children in Chiapas, and targeted
killing of women in Algeria, and two other recent school rampages by
boys, who if I remember, were also angry a girl had (dared) break off
with him.

Anyone having a better memory than me on any of these events, I sure
would appreciate a paragraph on the details. And if you can add to the
list, that would be great.

Feel free to re-post this anywhere. If you get a response, please get it
back to me.
I'm willing to collate all the information, and then re-post in usable
form for everyone.


Marie De Santis

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