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Your insights are valid. Our discussion regarding the culturation of
males and females must address the entitlement issue. What do we do
with/for/to males that allows them the mindset to perceive the types
of situations to which you referred from a narrow perspective?

What role does society play? Culture? the home? the school? What
happens when one (the school, for instance) takes a conscious step
toward change when the other influences do not?

If role models (the president) display behaviors supporting the
status-quo, how does that work against overall change?

Thanks for raising these issues with us.

Marty Henry

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I agree with the premise that boys are being negatively socialized in
many ways. What has struck me about the school shooting incidents is
the sense of entitlement that males (and particularly white males) are
given in our culture. You referred to it as a lack of empathy, but I
think that seeing it as an expression of feelings of entitlement give it
a different twist.
When I look at the actions of our president I see that same attribute.
In his dealings with Iraq there is a lack of sensitivity or ability to
see things from other perspectives that is very troubling. And ofcourse
in his relationships with women he demonstrates an obvious sense of
entitlement and corresponding lack of awareness.
It is useful to look at the many levels that an attribute manifests
itself. This attitude of entitlement has obviously been reflected in
American foreign policy for centuries. Domestic abuse is epidemic in
this country. It seems we are only beginning to come to grips with the
alienation and pain that it has inflicted on us as a people. My hope is
that it's not too late.
I hope my view will stimulate further comments on an issue that is of
utmost importance given the dominant position that white males have been
given in our society.
Robert McIntosh

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