Re: male terrorism against females

Mary Ann Duffy (
Thu, 26 Mar 1998 12:37:13 -0800

Thank you, Marie! I cannot go to bed, late as it is, without adding my
2 cents, devalued as they are in Canada against the American dollar! I
am deeply concerned that none of the media here or the American stations
I have seen (sporadically, because I don't watch tv for news much) have
concerned themselves with the fact that those girls in Arkansas were
shot by a boy because they "broke up with him."

When children do not get the message from adults that violence against
women is an acceptable or common answer to male/female disputes, then I
will be more concerned about "helping the boys." I am very concerned
that the discussion on this list has gone so much towards the usual,
"but what about taking care of the boys" line that is so much a part of
the backlash against the gains made by work for girls in both our
countries over the last ten years or so. Yes, we do need to help the
boys, but one of the ways I choose to do it is to devote my working and
part of my non-working life to helping girls and young women claim what
is rightfully theirs in life--self-esteeem, a decent education with a
fair share of the resources, a sense of potential and a fair shake at
realizing that potential in their personal and work lives. I think we
have a VERY long way to go before that happens. Only then will women be
able to raise sons in an atmosphere where violence against women is no
longer commonplace and where the attitudes instilled by parents will
have more than a token effect against the prevailing cultural
images/news/attitudes which all of us have all around us.

I dare to speak from way up north....I have grandchildren who go to
school in Arkansas and whom I called on Tuesday night to give a verbal
hug to in their fright and confusion and anger.

I agree that we don't need to bash. I haven't seen much bashing in this
discussion. But I do think we as women need to avoid the essentialist
role of taking care of everybody all the time.

Mary Ann Duffy <>

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