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marie De Santis (
Thu, 26 Mar 1998 21:30:02 PST

It's a fact: Men commit 90% of all homicides, 98% of all rapes, in fact,
they commit 90% of all felony crimes.

Is that male bashing? Or is it exposing a reality that must be
considered in order to develop a remedy that adequately targets the
"marie De Santis" <>

>andrea marcus wrote:
>> Pointing out that things are more difficult for girls does not
provide proof
>> that boys have an easy time of it either.
>> Both boys and girls in this culture could use a little support and
>> acceptance of who they are. Bashing one has never benefitted the
>> At 11:02 AM 3/24/98 -0800, you wrote:
>> >When I roused up about Title IX, one
>> >remarked that he was said boys had to give up so much of their
>> >to become men; this was one reply. thought you might be
>> >interested--Linda:
>> >
>> >"--- writes that he looks to the day that teaching will release
>> >boys from boy stereotypes so that " 'becoming a man' will no longer
>> >requires that we set aside so much of our humanity".
>> >
>> >---, becoming a man does not require you set aside your humanity. It
>> >heaps reward and profit on boys for setting aside their humanity, a
>> >reward and profit that boys and men can CHOOSE to give up any time
>> >want.
>> >
>> >Boys graduating from high school right away make more money than
>> >graduating from college.. Boys can give up this money any time they
>> >want. Girls, however, are not free to take this collosal money
>> >difference from the boys.
>> >
>> >Teenage boys do an average of three hours work around the home every
>> >week. Their teenage sisters do an average of ten hours work around
>> >home every week. Boys are completely free to increase their hours of
>> >work any time they want. Girls are not free to abdicate their
>> >
>> >It is outrageous to say that boys are REQUIRED to take more than
>> >share of the playground, hog the computors, rape girls, make more
>> >than girls, have later curfew, do hugely less hours of housework
>> >girls and use or condone violence to keep this grossly unequal
system in
>> >place. Boys (and men) are FREE to give up these activities any time
>> >want. But they don't want to because these activities give them so
>> >reward and profit and power.
>> >
>> >Girls are not free to take back the playground and computors from
>> >who bully, they can't stop the nearly million rapes of girls every
>> >year, nor are they free to take their share of the money back, nor
>> >stop the exploitation of their labor in the home, nor extend their
>> >curfew to equal the boys, nor stop the violence of boys.
>> >
>> >---is also frustrated because there isn't much in the research on
>> >the raising of boys!!!!!!!
>> >
>> >Does --- choose to ignore the entire canon of human history, of
>> >psychology, of pedagogy? All of which is based on the study of boys.
>> >now in the smallest sliver of recent time we have a few dozen books
>> >girls and --- and so many other "nontraditional males"
>> >take their outsized share of free time in the world and their hugely
>> >outsized share of media access and they cry victim.
>> >
>Marie de Santis
>> >
>> >

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