Re: non-traditional males (Yes)

Robert Weverka (
Wed, 01 Apr 1998 12:01:58 +0000

Rob Sernekos wrote:
> This is the thread that ties it all
> together. This is the thread that keeps the drop out rate high, the suicide
> rate high, the incarceration rate high, and yes the rate at which girls
> (and women) are raped and murdered high (severe understatement).

Thanks Rob. I agree that there are tie-ins here. Getting more men into the
traditionally-female jobs requires considering non-traditional males. In
addition to bringing up boys reading abilities, we must encourage the
nurturing trait in males. Until both these are done, we will always have
fewer male elementary school teachers, for example. And the tie-in, of which
you speak naturally follows - if boys nurturing side is encouraged fewer boys
might exhibit high risk and violent behaviors.

I believe the elementary school teacher example is strong one, and one to
focus on. By getting more males into this profession, we expose more children
to men in these roles at a young age. This serves to reinforce boys images of
men with positive role models. With that as one goal, we also see many more
motivations for integrating this profession by sex. I think that all of the
traditional reasons for affirmative action apply to this field and I think
that we should push this as a means to get more men into elementary school

Robert Weverka

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