Discrimination and employment

Nicki Eatinger (pavtne@tiger.coe.missouri.edu)
Fri, 3 Apr 1998 14:48:47 -0500

This was posted to a university listserve I belong to. Can any of you out
there in edequity cyberspace assist this student? If so please e-mail
directly to him. Thanks.

> My name is Joshua Sirt. I'm a senior advertising major who
>sometimes attends the TriCo meetings. Currently I am enrolled in a class,
>political science 317 -- public policy, which entails a government
>simulation. During the course of this simulation, all participants are
>required to submit a legislative proposal. I submitted my written report
>to the instructor and, with her approval, have also testified before a
>congressional subcommittee. What is it I'm doing?? I have proposed ENDA,
>the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which is designed to give GLBT
>workers the same protection against discrimination as all other protected
>classes. I have rudimentary knowlege but could really use some extra
>resources. Also, the bill has made it to floor debate when the entire
>Congress (political science 316) convenes (it passed via labor
>committee). Our position has much support but there are several key
>persons who must be educated and persuaded. If anyone has ever studied
>the issue and/or would be willing and able to help me present the
>necessary information to my classmates, I would love you forever and

Thanks and please write:
> Joshua Sirt
> c624078@showme.missouri.edu


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