Any suggestions?

Fri, 3 Apr 1998 14:00:00 -0800

Greetings to all. As the Gender Equity Coordinator for two community
colleges, I have run into some resistance in trying to organize a "Take
Our Daughters to Work Day" on one of my campuses (the other is very
receptive and runs this program every year). I have been asked to come
to a meeting on Monday, consisting of a mysterious group of
administrators who have "concerns" about hosting this day on campus. I
don't know who will be there or what their concerns are specifically,
nor do I seem to be able to find out. I have heard through the
grapevine that this has been an issue in the past, but as I am
relatively new to the campus I don't know the history of the situation.
I do know that "Take Our Daughters to Work Day" has not happened on this
campus in a while.

I am looking for advice from those of you who may have encountered this
before. I am preparing as best I can, but I know that I will have to be
careful if I want to be able to go forward. Any ideas?

Thanks -
Rachel DeMotts
Gender Equity Coordinator

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