There are many title IX's

Fri, 3 Apr 1998 17:57:58 -0600

In response to the recent inquiry about Title IX funding of approximately
I would like people to remember that every federal law passed has the
same format of listing various sections of the law by Title and number. It
would be nice if everyone using the term Title IX would say of which
law--but they don't.

The most likely meaning for me of the Title IX funds referenced recently
on an inquiry to this list is those funds under Title IX of the Improving
America's Schools Act or IASA. This is the part of IASA that funds
Indian education programs on a per pupil formula basis from the federal
government directly to eligible local educational agencies. (This program
used to be Title IV and Title V of previous ESEA laws in the past)

Title IV of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (not IASA) funding which Linda
Shevitz recently clarified was in the early days (late 1960's and early
1970's) available to DACs or desegregation assistance centers, SEAs or
State Education Agencies, Institutes at colleges and universities and to
LEAs. The funding over the years was eliminated from all but the DAC
organizations-and they have been cut in funding since the early days.

While I think it is important to ask SEAs to fund equity staff since the
federal government has stopped funding it...realistically you should be
aware that SEAs have been in a down-sizing mode. In our state the
legislature and gov. want to eliminate or radically alter the SEA. We
were cut 100 positions 2 years ago and there are specific budget
instructions to not pick up funding for defunded federal programs. Our
state is not unique.

The movers and shakers for equity in this decade will be local parents
and community members working with local educators.

Barbara Bitters

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