want to begin building case law for violation of TITLEIX

C123S105L (C123S105L@aol.com)
Sun, 5 Apr 1998 19:25:28 EDT

It seems that we have more or less reached the point that we hoped would not
arrive so soon. Recently someone posted information regarding the
we, as parents, go through before we are pushed into a decision. It sounded
similar to the ''steps of mourning'' people go through. It came because of the
retaliation our daughter is being subjected to by the GYM teacher after
numerous complains for
her discriminatory stance in the GYM which has affected out daughter, a very
athlete. She has retaliated by giving Ingrid a low grade which has now
our daughter from receiving a first honor academic award. When Ingrid went to
how she had done on her running time she was told that ""she (the teacher)
not tell her because ""you are graded different than the boys and I have to
the chart) When the child said ''but did I do good or not? the teacher again
""I cant tell you that"girls run different than boys'' Ingrid's classroom
teacher approached the teacher to ask why the ''low grade'' in a student like
Ingrid and
received no real answer. The helpful classroom teacher told us discretely to
Edelman what her grading criteria is. We are now ready to beging listing all
incidents that show her to be in equal treatment violations because we have
whole district in mind due to TITLE IX blatant violations for girls teams and
equipment and because in the MIDDLE school there has been two cases where
a 7th grader threatened a girl with rape and another told a girl ''I can't
touch you
but can call you a whore'' We think that this is as good time as ever to
beging compiling evidence for a potential class suit because we are more
determined than ever to forge ahead with enforcement of TITLE IX. We have
received (already) 2 negative letters from the PTA and Vice President of the
because we went to the PTA meeting and passed out literature about girls and
academic literature, fairnesss in sports, fairness in Math etc. The hostility
made us realized we must forge AHEAD WE have decided to take our daughter
out of school because we will not allow her to become the victim. WE need all
the advise that anyone is willing to offer in what will more likely prove to
be a long
and painful battle but which WILL BE WORTH EVERY TEAR, AND EVERY BIT


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