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The most important aspect of Take Your Daughter to Work Day is that it
is appropriate to phrase it in terms of girls, rather than boys, because
it is a reminder that women have a long way to go before they reach
equity in the workplace. Nobody is stopping parents from taking their
sons to work; and it will of course be good for boys to see that most of
their mothers work two jobs, one unpaid job in the home, and another for
wages outside the home. But what this day proposes is an introduction of
girls to the world of better-paid work, the work of wages and salaries,
by father or mother. The concept of affirmative action got trashed
because opponents successfully equated it with INequity; we need to
restore the understanding that men have always had affirmative action;
we are only proposing it for women and minority members as well.
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Title IX Advocates
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> Greetings to all. As the Gender Equity Coordinator for two community
> colleges, I have run into some resistance in trying to organize a "Take
> Our Daughters to Work Day" on one of my campuses (the other is very
> receptive and runs this program every year). I have been asked to come
> to a meeting on Monday, consisting of a mysterious group of
> administrators who have "concerns" about hosting this day on campus. I
> don't know who will be there or what their concerns are specifically,
> nor do I seem to be able to find out. I have heard through the
> grapevine that this has been an issue in the past, but as I am
> relatively new to the campus I don't know the history of the situation.
> I do know that "Take Our Daughters to Work Day" has not happened on this
> campus in a while.
> I am looking for advice from those of you who may have encountered this
> before. I am preparing as best I can, but I know that I will have to be
> careful if I want to be able to go forward. Any ideas?
> Thanks -
> Rachel DeMotts
> Gender Equity Coordinator

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