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Right-o! Also, it is important to note that you have the right to go
outside the school right away. The standard advice is to "go through
channels" first, but in many of the cases we network this is not
possible--often the channels are so tainted with sexism and retaliation
that trying to go through them becomes a useless exercise, and the
child at the center of the whirlwind is dragged through a variety of
hostile administrative actions before the parents decide to seek help
You can go outside to any of the possible channels of redress at any
time you choose, but keep an eye on the clock--some statues of
limitations begin or run out inconveniently. Also, if you go into one
channel, other channels may not accept a simultaneous, parallel action.
Whatever you do, build up support networks that can help you and offer
friendship; and speak out in public to educate the community whenever
you can. And thank you!
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McKevitt, Susan wrote:
> If your daughter was marked down for speaking out on an equity issue,
> that constitutes retaliation. Retaliation is actionable under Title IX
> and if all else fails, file a complaint first with the school and if
> that doesn't work, go to OCR (Office of Civil Rights) That the
> Superintendent was "embarrassed" is not enough. The teacher must be
> corrected.
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> Subject: Obvious teacher's retaliation against my
> daughter
> Our daughter Ingrid who is a First Division Soccer Player and
> who last month
> won a trophy at a tournnament for Best Offensive Player out of
> 160 children
> and
> 12 teams has learned today at the age of ten ''what price is to
> be paid'' when
> one speaks out. because of the dificulties we had had with this
> GYM teacher
> because of her open discrimination against the girls in the
> past, Ingrid's
> grade
> was a C+ which automatically prevents her from obtainning the
> First Place
> Honors she would have been entitled to otherwise. Withount our
> knowledge she
> approached her teacher and asked her to please allow her to
> re-take the test
> or
> assign her x-credit and was told no. The classroom teacher also
> approached her
> and with the same results. Can anyone give us some ideas as to
> how to begin
> on this one? Ingrid needs a half point. This teacher told us in
> a meeting we
> held over the first incident, and who had the Assistant
> Superintendent and
> coordinator that ''she had the school records'' to prove'' that
> girls were not
> as good
> in GYM and that all they (the girls) knew what to do best in her
> GYM class was
> ''squeal''. The Superintendent turned red. She told us later
> ''she felt so
> embarrased
> over this teacher's comments.
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