Re: Single-Sex , Title IX, and the OCR

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Tue, 7 Apr 1998 09:28:30 EDT

It sounds like a magnificent idea to find the parents, the citizens, the
families, who
will say enough!!!! Let's get the courts to look at this issue of
discrimination and
lets us ''the citizens'' force the government to enfore the law and the
schools to obey it...Easier said than done. If you go to a school, as in our
case, and present literature
regarding the disadvantages girls have in curriculum, math science, history
and you meet with the kind of hostility we have already met with there is no
chance to beging change unless you are willing to wait 100 years. It is
that laws are strenghten within the bureaucratic government that created them
because if you cant play the ''legal strong card'' with a school,the school
will have total disregard
for complying. The school Ingrid attends, the administration and the teacher
have so far shown little concern for the rights of this student and the ones
behind her, and
this is being done, we believe, without the school realizing how difficult is
out for as to find a group or organization to back us up. Here we are with a
to ''go full force'' against this school district for non-compliance and
and willing to home school our daughter so that we have no hesitations or
constraints to ''let them have it'' and so far all we get from everyone is
''we''ll send you
some information'' like that is what we need. We need legal support. We need
one organization willing to stick its neck out once and for all. We need to
ACTIVISM and stop talking...and those concerned that have some position and
power need to take advantage of volunteer like us who are willing to put
in ''the front batlle field for this cause''. A great deal of people are
fooling themselves
if they believe that they are contributing much to fighting this kind of
unjustice by
passing out literature and answering phones for crazy referrals that are
nothing but
dead ends. We need action and we need it now.
Lesemann <>

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