Re: Obvious teacher's retaliation against my daughter

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Tue, 7 Apr 1998 14:52:53 EDT

The advise is appreciated. A Victory that has left us with some mixed
The principal has just called and told us that Ingrid will receive her first
honors and
that from now on a GYM grade will not be necessary for other children to be in
honor role. We had made a formal request that the GYm teacher provide us with
the grade criteria that she uses to grade fifth graders. Since the same
teacher had
admitted in front of two other school officials that ''she had the grade
books to prove that boys were better in sports'' the school must of gotten a
concerned that after Edelman gave us the criteria for giving our daughter a
low grade
we would go ahead and ask the TITLe IX coordinator to do a review of class
this would show an inconsistency of the boys being marked higher than the
girls. This
would open another can of worms they must have thought better to compromise
than to let us ''open it''. But the problem has not been totally resolved.
There is
still discrimination against girls and we will continue to fight against it.
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