Re: Single-Sex , Title IX, and the OCR

C123S105L (
Wed, 8 Apr 1998 01:10:39 EDT

You are more likely right. But then why is it that the OCR is doing all this
things about ''letters of finding'' not being consistently issued or other
things that are
weakening our chances...who exactly is behind OCR and who are they taking
orders from Congress or political demagogues like Helms... Is he running that
one too? Where are all the powerful women organizations??where is AAUW where
NOW where have all they gone...? Its time to find our direction again. Is time
seek a little inspiration by Anthony, Stone and all the other women who put so
much on the line and paved the roughest of ways. It is time we too take to the
streets of Washington and let them know we are angry women and we too want
to hand out a legacy for the future women of this country.
Lesemann <>

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