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Cochran K (
Wed, 8 Apr 1998 18:37:52 EDT

Lpurring wrote:
Just an anecdote on the differences between proponents of equity in education
for girls and boys (perhaps this is why the "reasonable woman" standard was
accepted by U.S. courts):
An educator was discussing gender equity at a conference. He said he
had alternated between girls and boys as captains of the noon-time basketball
games he was encouraging. The boys, he said approvingly, picked the best
players to be on their teams. But the girls, alas,tended to pick their
So what do you see in this anecdote?

One thing I draw from this anecdote is that a boy who is not chosen can feel
put down for his lack of physical prowess, while a girl who isn't chosen can
feel put down for her lack of social desirability.

The "friendship" distinction can't be assumed to equate with kindness.


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