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The changes that you and other parents are causing are, while
seemingly small, very significant. Sometimes, these resolutions are the
beginning cracks in the wall. Remember where your friends are at all
levels. Protect them and understand that they may be working for you
"sub rosa." Further, you may well have friends whom you have not
identified. It is easy to feel alone, but you are not. Never forget that! :-)
Peggy Weeks <>
>>> C123S105L <> 04/07/98 11:37pm >>>
We want to let everyone in the list that we can celebrate a victory which
is nonethess received with mixed feelings. The principal of our school has
now informed us that from now on GYM grades will not have any
determination on the qualifications for honor role. It appears that two
other mothers who unfortunally I do not know complained that their
children were not going to receive academic honors due to the fact that
the GYM teacher gave them "C"....but what makes this interesting is that
the two students concerned were... GIRLS...therefore we believe that
the school acted out of fear because we request that grading criteria by
the GYM teacher be provided to us inmediately. Perhaps the principal did
not like what she saw because we have heard through the grapevine
that the superintendent of schools, who has proved to be very
sympathetic to our concerns, instructed the principal to look into this
matter asap. We also want to share a piece of information that we hope
will bring everyone some smiles...we were told by a mother that after the
meeting between the principal and one of these ''complaining'' mothers
the principal's secretary wispered to this mother that if this is not
''go speak to the TITLE IX word is getting around !!!!
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