Re: Obvious teacher's retaliation against my daughter

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It sounds to me like this principal is throwing you a bone hoping that
you don't cause any trouble. Are you that easily bought off? Is the
issue really about your daughter's grade or is it a much deeper broader
issue? I, for one, hope you continue the fight. We have to stand our
ground or continue to have our rights eroded. Robert McIntosh

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> The advise is appreciated. A Victory that has left us with some mixed
> feelings.
> The principal has just called and told us that Ingrid will receive her
> first
> honors and
> that from now on a GYM grade will not be necessary for other children
> to be in
> honor role. We had made a formal request that the GYm teacher provide
> us with
> the grade criteria that she uses to grade fifth graders. Since the
> same
> teacher had
> admitted in front of two other school officials that ''she had the
> grade
> books to prove that boys were better in sports'' the school must of
> gotten a
> little
> concerned that after Edelman gave us the criteria for giving our
> daughter a
> low grade
> we would go ahead and ask the TITLe IX coordinator to do a review of
> class
> rank...
> this would show an inconsistency of the boys being marked higher than
> the
> girls. This
> would open another can of worms they must have thought better to
> compromise
> than to let us ''open it''. But the problem has not been totally
> resolved.
> There is
> still discrimination against girls and we will continue to fight
> against it.
> Lesemann <>

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