Re: Single-Sex , Title IX, and the OCR

Sheeran176 (
Thu, 9 Apr 1998 08:26:03 EDT

Ouch, that one stings. :-)

AAUW's Legal Advocacy Fund (LAF) supports litigants in cases of sexual
discrimination at the higher education level (college). Visit the Association
web page for more information:

Locally Branches can plan and support programs that promote educational equity
in the public schools. This is an awesome task. Consider > there are 700
school districts in NYS, there are 56 AAUW branches. AAUW member resources do
not meet the potential demand. In the absence of local AAUW support on an
individual issue, the next stop is the State level. This is true for AAUW in
any state in the nation,. In NYS: Go to
Education and Equity and there I am as Director.

Local problems are most effectively remedied through local actions. I know
that the Leseman's will continue to work on developing local alliances within
community resources, PTA and BOE and other organizations that aspire to gender
fair education.

In continued support and advocacy for equity in education,

Jane Sheeran
NYS AAUW Director Ed/Equity

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