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You know, let's not paint with so broad a brush. I'm a beaurocrat- have
worked in public service my entire career. No, I don't work for the
(state) government although I am salaried by the government. I work for
the public. There are some OCR folks out there who are doing what they
can, too. Don't assume they are all part of a plot to undo Title IX. I think
that the ultimate answer lies with individuals who are willing to mobilize,
build bridges with many other individuals and groups and to work above
and below ground. Here is aquote from Jill Ruckelshaus which has
been in my office for over 20 years: " We are in for a very, very long
haul... I am asking for everything you have to give... We will never give
up... You will lose your youth, your sleep, your patience, your sense of
humor and occasionally... the understanding and support of people that
you love very much... In return I have nothing to offer you but... your
pride in being a woman, and all your dreams you've ever had for your
daughters, and nieces, and granddaughters... Your future and the
certain knowledge that at the end of your days you will be able to look
back and say that once in your life you gave everything you had for
justice." ( edited from a speech by Jill Ruckelshaus to the National
Women's Politiocal Caucus- California Convention- in 1977) Go Title IX!!!!!
Peggy Weeks <>

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