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I think you should think back to when you were first thinking about
forming we three and about all the boundaries and care that you did set
up. You tried to move slowly and feel your way through the situation.
It's easy to be critical with hindsight, but when you can't see the
future and your decisions are being influenced by so many factors, all
you can do is make the best, most thoughtful choices that are available
to you. From my perspective it seemed, at the time, like you were doing
We have a tendency to believe that love can heal all wounds. That is a
hopeful and positive (though sometimes naive) belief. Love is really
all we have. Some people are just beyond cure at certain times.
Sometimes, the only way to find that out is through experience.
Love you

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> The changes that you and other parents are causing are, while
> seemingly small, very significant. Sometimes, these resolutions are
> the
> beginning cracks in the wall. Remember where your friends are at all
> levels. Protect them and understand that they may be working for you
> "sub rosa." Further, you may well have friends whom you have not
> identified. It is easy to feel alone, but you are not. Never forget
> that! :-)
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