Re: a culture of violence?

C123S105L (
Wed, 15 Apr 1998 10:56:37 EDT

We have been doing a great deal of ''asking around'' regarding the Middle
school our daughter will be entering next year. Our school district here in
Long island is predo-minantly white with less than one percent minoruty
students. We have asked aroubf 15 parents and about 20 students and are
amazed that we keep getting the same response concerning the school. ""a great
deal of fighting by the girls against one another in the GYM locker rooms. ''a
great deal of student cliques'' that pick on the
other girls if they are ''too book smart'' and do not dress a certain way. But
what really has interested us is the consistent comment that ''girls who are
good in sports' are pretty much left alone''. My husband and i have been
thinking of ways this problem of ''locker room fighting'' could be adressed and
this idea about a ''peace table'' is a very good idea. Although we have decide
to home school Ingrid we plan to be involved in the PTA at this Middle school.

We are finding out that many of Ingrid's classmates mothers are now
''scrambling'' to the soccer field try outs to have their daughters, for the
first time, involved in sports since this rumors have been circulating about the
Middle school. We think we can get some of these mothers involved.


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