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Marty Henry (
Wed, 15 Apr 98 12:50:52 -0700

As I indicated before in some messages, there are many people who are
anxious to work toward resolving these inequities. It may take time
and a lot of careful analysis of people's actions (such as you ahve
done with your principal) to locate them, but you can build that group
of people who can work for positive change at your local level.

You are fighting the good fight and we are here to support you.

Marty Henry

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Subject: Re: teacher's retaliation -Reply
Author: <> at Internet-Mail
Date: 4/15/98 11:14 AM

We have been thinking a great deal about what you said concerning friends we
may have who are not yet fully identified. we think our school principal is
one of them.
She has been under a lot of pressure from the PTA Board members who are all
friends and wifies of members of the BOE and the particular one who opposed
presentation and who is partly responsable for all the conflict which has
evolved. he now is using PTA to turn against us. We have this feeling that the
principal is on our
side 100 percent but has to proceed with caution. In any case thanks for
making us aware of those posibilities

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