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I agree we have a long way to go on women and history. I have been a
program specialist with the Women's Bureau of the U.S. Department of
Labor since 1985. I have been heavily involved in school to work
projects in the last few years...advocating more women role
models...more exposure to women in the workplace and more women
speakers. I too have experienced that schools should not celebrate
special interest groups....that we should move away from that mindset.
Five years ago I was turning down speaking engagements and panels at
schools to talk about women in history and in the workplace. This year
I got one phone call to do a panel at a school and then was asked to
please comment only on the important stuff not on everything.!!!

It certainly is sad. Another area which is lacking is educating young
girls and boys on the wage gap. Equal pay day came and went on April
third without even a mention in local papers, TV other or media.

Angela Rizzolo

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>Granted, I haven't taken any women's studies classes, but why would I have to
>attend specialized classes to learn about women in history? The more I learn
>about women's achievements throughout the centuries, the more I realize
>past is part of the same invisible history as African-American history and
>minority groups.
>Indeed, little has changed in SOME places. My daughter's 10th grade
>honors social studies teacher's response to her request to study more
>about WOMEN in history????????? "I don't go in for that 'scpecial
>interest group' stuff."
>And surely he WAS being truthful, as I have sent in 2 separate envelopes
>of materials (another reason he sited was that he didn't have any
>materials, nor the money to buy any) and he has made no mention of women
>in history even since then.
>Women's History Month was celebrated at my daughter's high school (a Blue
>Ribbon high school -- for what it's worth) with ONE poster outside the
>office door of the chairperson of the soc. studies dept.
>We've got a LOOOOOOONG way to go!

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