Re: Sue OCR ?
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 08:38:12 -0400

1.)The consent decree is old now -- it was the head of HEW (that dates it)
which is where OCR was at the time. I know that there were internal
timelines that OCR had instituted after that for a long while. But I
haven't dealt with any OCR folks for a few years now, so my info is dated.
(it's tought when you've been around for so long.)

2.) The only way to proceed with the tax angle would be under some sort of
Class action suit --but retaliation from OCR? Or do you think the IRS
would leap into the fray to help OCR? (Sorry, the image is fun to play with
-- you're right it's probably not a good idea -- but its interesting to
speculate on.)

OCR do proactive preventive compliance reviews... Nice idea, but I doubt
they have the resources. Then too I'm not sure I'd want to have them let
pass some of the things they do now -- how about better training for the
OCR investigators first -- the SEAs (state education agencies) are a more
likly candidate for preventive compliance reviews. Some do this now. (Sue
or Peggy: are the MOAs between OCR and the State Vocational Programs still
in effect requiring compliance reviews?) Many more used to! If the SEA
does compliance reviews it's more likly they'd be able to do extended

Unfortunately, the thing that I think is often more effective, is a
well-publicised legal action. Fear! When I use to do training with
administrators, I use to suggest they never take an action they wouldn't
want to defend on "Good Morning America".

Ray wrote:

Hmm, is right! Lovely, thank you! Two big nuggets: (1) can you give me
the name and docket of the cases in which OCR was sued for failing to
proceed in a timely fashion? (2) How would one proceed with the tax
angle, without precipitating more retaliation?

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Here's an idea I am interested in: getting theOCR to do proactive,
preventive compliance reviews. I think it's about time. What do you

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