Re[2]: The Anecdote & the Educator

Marty Henry (
Thu, 16 Apr 98 09:34:36 -0700

Maybe I missed a point, but why were you so concerned that the games
have an even score? If the girls complained about the lop-sided score,
could you have problem solved with them about why the scores weren't
even? If they realized that it was a result of their own choices, they
would have had the opportunity to remedy that solution the next time
they chose. If it didn't make a difference in their choice and the
score was again uneven, they would understand why and would be able to
understand that they wanted to play with their friends and your need
for the score to be even was yours, not theirs.

Your strategy of two boy and two girl captains was interesting. What
was the response of the group when you did that?

Why did you decide to switch these players after the score became uneven? Was it
your need or theirs? Tim Wrote:
So I let go. Surprisingly, I didn't feel the least defeated when I had
switch a couple of players later in in the game in order to even out the
sides. They groaned as usual, but it didn't bother me this time. I think I
was still a little awestruck."


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