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Linda Purrington (
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 11:54:34 -0700 wrote:
[snip] the thing that I think is often more effective, is a
> well-publicised legal action. Fear! When I use to do training with
> administrators, I use to suggest they never take an action they wouldn't want
to defend on "Good Morning America".

Linda Purrington says:
Now there's an idea: let's take the Title IX show to Good Morning
America? Just discussing Title IX, and making sure that people knew
there was such a law, proved radical indeed in Sonoma County. The
county teacher training mentioned earlier?--we parents provided the only
materials on Title IX, out of our own pocket, and made the only mention
of Title IX--this in a county that had major OCR cases, major Title IX
lawsuits and was presumably responding to the OCR's requirements for
remedial action. The sexual harassment materials posted everywhere at
SSU after the rapes of the 7 women students that had been falsified by
the campus security, not one mentioned Title IX. Of course, a populace
kept ignorant of its rights, will not mention them or use them. So
posting and reposting the sites for the regulation is very helpful
indeed. The PEER handouts were useful, too; how about reissuing them as
printable web sites?
Linda Purrington
Title IX Advocates

P>S> Ray, I like the idea of the IRS leaping to anyone's defense; life
isn't very funny if you don't have a sense of humor, as someone

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