Title IX assessment

Margaret (girlsedu@mail.dimensional.com)
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 14:34:03 -0600

>Subject: Re: Diversity in the Classroom for 4th graders
>Dear Christine:
>You might be interested in a study of the status of Title IX in the
>K-12 Michigan schools. It addresses the need to incorporate
>curriculum changes into the classroom in a co-educational setting.
>You can find the report at the following site, but with out the graphs:
>A summary is below the quote.
>It seems to me such a study would be an excellent project for such a
>class. I wonder if any other states have conducted an assessment of
>Title IX in their state through Women's Studies or otherwise?

Girls Count, a national initiative based in Denver, has developed and
conducted statewide Title IX assessment projects in Colorado and Illinois.
These projects involve partnerships with state-based organizations (such as
local branches of The American Association of University Women or Girl
Scouts or local community based organizations) and include several phases of
assessment, reporting, training and post-assessment. The assessments
projects are customized, require financial support, volunteer participation
and institutional commitment from the participating communities. Results
have been exciting! Girls Count has a positive, solution oriented approach
to Title IX assessment.

For more information contact Girls Count GC@girlscount.org


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